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Those who think that writing an article is hard have not tried to evaluate one just yet! There is no other academic content assignment that is more confusing than the article critique. This assignment does not only combine research and good writing skills, but also requires that you read and understand an already given article and compare it to facts while critiquing the style.

Every critique you have must be absolutely brilliant, which means you cannot just make up things and critique things that are right or well written. If you wish to do proper article critique writing, you have to be both good in writing and evaluating.

When writing and article critique, you have to think of your stand. This stand should be based on both the information you got from the source article and the research you made on other scientific and academic content. And with all those other tasks you have as a student, are you actually able to do all this? Chances are you are not. You may be good in article critique writing, but sometimes you simply think 'where will I find the time to do my article critique?'.


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